About Us

Who we are

ATG Lanka (Pvt) Limited (formerly John Ward Ceylon (Private) Ltd –“JWC“) is a privately owned company established in Sri Lanka in1992. It is today a recognized global player, operating across continents and in multiple countries.

Focused on innovation and quality, ATG® designs, develops and manufactures gloves that enhance the performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand.

Our customers say that ATG® stands for value for money, quality, innovation, enthusiasm and a sense of competitive challenge. We deliver quality products and services through a core team that tracks markets, observes products in use and discusses with end-users, which forms the basis to continually improve the customer’s experience through innovation.
When we start developing a glove or service or enter a new market, we base it on hard research and analysis. Typically, we review the industry and put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to see what could make it better. We ask fundamental questions:
  • What are the key products being bought by customers?
  • How suitable are these and what is the price?
  • Can we solve the problem and deliver a solution that the customer would be willing to pay for?
  • Can we add value?
  • Can we significantly change the user experience for the benefit of the customer?
  • What are the competitors doing?
  • Is the customer confused or badly served?
Our “hands-on” pragmatic approach has enabled us to deliver customer innovations whilst growing our business and challenging convention.

Communication tools

We are committed to investing in various communication tools. Today we are able to profit from the continually evolving digital media. We use this as it allows you to become informed about ATG® and our products when it suits you.
When you visit our website you’ll find that it’s been structured around a services aimed at explaining what we can offer, which products are most suitable for you and where you can buy them. It’s that simple.
Get informed in a few minutes by watching our short 3D movies that explain the features and benefits of specific product families. Our MaxiFlex movie serves as a good example and can be viewed at www.atg-maxiflex.com
We also support our sales partners through training initiatives to ensure they are equipped to serve you in a professional and speedy manner.
As you would expect from a global player we have a download facility for all our catalogues, CE certificates, steps for laundering our products, instructions for use, material safety data and product data sheets. All documentation is available by individual glove reference in over 15 languages.

A fully integrated approach

Our R&D facility focuses on developing technology platforms opposed to one-off individual gloves. This approach enables us to look at customer needs and then to select and combine the necessary technology platforms. Using this approach we are able to produce innovative class leading gloves that change the customer experience for the better. 
ATG® is a fully integrated manufacturer. We control all elements of the manufacturing. From covering and twisting of yarns, knitting liners, coating, to finishing and packing. Being fully integrated business helps us in the development and transition of products from laboratory concept to full production.
Once in production, we operate according to ISO 9001 standards to control the manufacturing process, which enables us to deliver consistent and high quality gloves each and every time.
Not a single element of any product is outsourced.
We operate from multiple manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and employ more than 2,000 people.

Committed to environmental and consumer safety

We are certified and use ISO 14001 as the foundations for our environmental framework. It’s part of our everyday life. When we look to modify, change or implement a new process it’s always has to satisfy our ISO 14001 ideology.  
As an example of a commitment to ISO 14001, we have re-engineered our whole manufacturing process to be in line with the EU directive for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances.
This new law came into force on 1st June 2007 and since then we have realized the anticipated benefits to both the environment and our workforce who make the gloves.
Further down the supply chain, this has enabled us design and certify our gloves as “skin friendly”. We’ve achieved this by working with Oeko-Tex®, the global testing and certification body for the textile industry. This partnership enables us to guarantee ATG® gloves to be safe for use, so ‘skin friendly’. 
We believe in working together with the environment to form a holistic approach, marrying commerce with the environment.